Forms & Permits

New Haven Building Permit

Dunn County Zoning has requested that anyone who desires to build a structure in the town first contact the Dunn County Zoning first, at 715-231-6522, to see if any permits are required by Dunn County. If your building and/or remodeling project costs more than $2,500 you will need to complete a New Haven Building Permit and submit it to the Clerk with $45 permit fee.  Once the completed New Haven Building permit and permit fee are sent, you may begin building. You do not need to post a copy of the town building permit.

If you are building a new residential dwelling you will also need to contact Josh Melstrom, the building inspector, of Melstrom Inspections (located in Glenwood City, WI). Phone: (480) 261-9014. [email protected].

Here is more information on New Haven Building Inspector Permits Required and Fees.  If you have questions on this material, please contact the building inspector, Josh Melstrom (above).

New Haven Driveway Permit

Please complete a New Haven Driveway Permit and submit it to the Clerk with $45 driveway permit fee (field driveways are free).  Once the application is received, the Chair, or one of the Supervisors if the Chair is not available, will assess the proposed driveway location.  There are certain specifications that must be met when putting in driveways.  Driveway permit applications are then approved at the monthly board meeting.  Please contact the Chair, or one of the Supervisors if the Chair is not available, if you have more questions regarding a driveway permit.

New Haven Burning Permit

Please email the clerk for a burning permit at [email protected] or contact the town board chairperson.

New Haven Overweight Vehicle Exemption Application

Please complete an Application for Overweight Vehicle Exemption on Town Road and submit it to the Clerk with $50 application fee.

Above permits/applications can be submitted to:

Town of New Haven

PO Box 285

Boyceville, WI 54725

From Dunn County:

New Rural Address Application Form

Rural Address Sign Replacement Form