Town Hall/Park Reservations

Town Hall Rental

The Town Hall is available for renting by the day.  Cost is $50.00 a day for Town of New Haven residents and $75.00 a day for non-residents, plus a $100 deposit for both.  Please email [email protected] for availability and then mail in a completed Town Hall Rental Agreement with two checks (payment + $100 deposit).   If an extra day is requested to set up or decorate, there will be a charge for that day also. Your reservation is not guaranteed until this form is submitted, fees are paid, and accepted by the Town.  Your security deposit will be returned or shredded following your event, less any charges for damage or other items.


Town Resident   $50.00 rental fee   +  $100.00 security deposit                =  Total Due:  $150.00

Non Resident    $75.00 rental fee  +   $100.00 security deposit                =  Total Due:  $175.00

Hall Rules & Instructions:

  1. Please take your trash with you, sweep the floor and make sure the bathrooms are tidy. 
    • Garbage bags are in the plastic storage container under the sink in the women’s restroom.
    • Brooms and dustpan are located in the closet at the top of the stairs near the front door or in the women's bathroom.
  2. Make sure lights are turned off and doors are locked when you leave.
  3. Smoking of any kind is NOT ALLOWED in the building.
  4. No structural alterations made be made to the interior or exterior of the building.
    • Use of any tape besides painter tape, is prohibited on walls and/or tables.
    • Use of tables and chairs is permitted, however all tables, chairs, and floors must be cleaned and left free of debris and returned to their proper place.
  5. Rental agreement is non-transferable. Deposit will be returned if building is left in satisfactory condition after inspection by staff.  Violation of rules may result in additional charges.
  6. Please let the clerk know if there were any issues (electricity, heating, cleaning supplies, etc).

NOTE: The wiring at the Town Hall was updated in May of 2011 and more outlets were added along the west wall so now renters can plug in more than two items at a time!  Please use the new outlets on the west wall for plugging in roasters, coffee makers, etc.  If you use the other walls' outlets, the circuit breaker will trip. 

The Town does not have a cleaning staff.  You may need to allow for time to sweep the floors and tidy the bathrooms before your gathering.

The key to the Town Hall will be given to you by the Clerk.  Email the Clerk at [email protected] to make arrangements to pick up the key.

Town Park (French Park) Reservation

The Town Park is also available for reserving, at no cost to the reserver.  If you would like to reserve the Town Park, please email the town clerk [email protected] for availability.

Town Park and Picnic Tables

A reservation is required but there is no charge for using them.

Please remove your trash when you are done and remember to leave the Town Hall or Town Park in good condition so the next townsperson can enjoy it!  Thank you.