Ordinances & Resolutions

2023-01 Resolution to Establish Minimum Refund Policy
2023-02 Resolution and order to raze building
2023-03 Resolution for Electors to Adopt the Town Tax Levy

2022-04 Resolution for Electors to Adopt the Town Tax Levy
2022-01 Resolution for Public Contract more than $5,000 but less than $25,000
2022-03 Ordinance for Class B Weight Limit Roads
2022-02 Ordinance for Special or Seasonal Weight Limits on Roads
2022-01 Ordinance for Uniform Dwelling Code

2021-02 Resolution for Electors to Adopt Levy
2021-01 Resolution on Proposed Dunn Cty Land Division Ordinance

2020-04 Resolution for Electors to Adopt Levy -signed
2020-03 Recycling Ordinance & CAP
2020-03 Resolution Authorizing a Representative for RU purposes
2020-02 Resolution for Disaster Proclamation - Signed
2020-01 Resolution Adopting Credit Card Policy - signed
2020-02 Ordinance to Appoint Treasurer - Signed
2020-01 Ordinance to Appoint Clerk to Board of Review - signed

2019-09 Resolution for Public Private Agreement with Mosaic - Signed
2019-08 Resolution in Support of Telecommuting - Signed
2019-07 Resolution for Electors to Adopt Levy - Signed
2019-06 Resolution to Borrow Funds for Road Repairs - Signed
2019-05 Resolution Adopting Conflict of Interest Policy
2019-04 Resolution Declaring Emergency Disaster Proclamation
2019-03 Resolution to Borrow Funds for Boyceville Fire Hall
2019-02 Resolution Creating Parks & Recreation Committee
2019-01 Resolution Adopting Purchasing Policy

2018-03 Resolution for Electors to Adopt Levy - Signed
2018-03 Ordinance ATV Routes Signed Copy
2018-02 Resolution Designating Public Depository & Procedures
2018-02 Ordinance Signed - Apptd Treasurer
2018-01 Resolution Adopting Emergency Operations Plan
2018-01 Ordinance Changing Elected Clerk to Appointed

2017-01 Resolution of Electors to Adopt Levy
2017-01 Ordinance Fire Call Charges

2016-04 Resolution of Electors to Approve Levy
2016-03 Resolution Exceed Levy Limits Signed
2016-02 Resolution of Board to Exceed Levy Limit
2016-01 Resolution Authorizing Borrowing
2016-01 Amended Resolution Authorizing Borrowing

2015-03 Resolution re Electors Adopting Town Tax Levy
2015-03 Ordinance re Opt Out of IOH Eff 2016
2015-02 Resolution Authorizing Borrowing for Roadwork
2015-02 Ordinance re Alternate Claims Procedure
2015-01 Resolution Opposing Implementation of County Assessment in WI
2015-01 Ordinance re Opting out of IOH for 2015

2014-03 Resolution Approving Highway Expenditures
2014-02 Resolution re Electors Adopting Town Tax Levy
2014-01 Resolution re Opting Out of Dunn County Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

2013-04 Resolution Approving Highway Expenditures
2013-03 Resolution re Electors Approving Town Tax Levy
2013-02 Resolution of Electors to Approve Exceeding Levy Limit
2013-01 Resolution of the Town Board to Propose Exceeding Levy Limits

2012-03 Ordinance re Citations and Fees
2012-03 Ordinance Fee Schedule Attachment
2012-02 Resolution re Absence of Need for Bikeways
2012-02 Ordinance re Blasting
2012-01 Resolution re Adoption of County Zoning Ordinance
2012-01 Ordinance re Nonmetallic Mining

2011-02 Resolution re Employee Grievance Procedure
2011-01 Ordinance re Moratorium on Mining

2008 Amended Ordinance 2000-1 re Fire Dept Services
2008-02 Ordinance re ATV Routes
2008-01 Resolution re Reduction of Election Officials
2008-01 Ordinance re Election Worker Split Shifts

2006-01 Ordinance re UDC

2005-01 Ordinance re Comprehensive Plan

2003-06-03 Minutes Amending Bldg Permit Fee

2002 Resolution re Fire Call Charges
2002-04-09 Minutes re Granting Town Village Powers
2002-01 Ordinance re Driveway Permits

2000-02 Ordinance re Building Permit